An in-browser 360 degree panorama video player.
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Valiant 360 (beta)

A browser-based video player for 360 degree panorama videos and photos.

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The aim of this project is to provide a free, minimalist 360 degree video WebGL player for modern browsers. It is implemented as a jQuery plugin, with a limited interface for controlling video playback, and mouse/scrollwheel controls for zooming and panning.

There is currently no mobile support, but as Chrome and Safari mobile editions enable WebGL, this should be forwards-compatible with them.


See the demo folder or the example. Moving the mouse will pan the camera, and the scroll wheel will zoom in and out.


On the HTML side, create a div to act as your container, and add a data-video-src attribute pointing to the video file you wish to play.

	<div class="valiantContainer" data-video-src="videos/my-video.mp4"></div>

Or, if you wish to use it to view a photo (note: currently must be powers-of-2 resolution (ie. 2048x1024):

	<div class="valiantContainer" data-photo-src="videos/my-photo.jpg"></div>


More detailed api documentation pending, for now the below explains about all you can do.

	// initialize plugin, default options shown
		crossOrigin: 'anonymous',	// valid keywords: 'anonymous' or 'use-credentials'
		clickAndDrag: false,	// use click-and-drag camera controls
		keyboardControls: true, // use keyboard controls (move by arrows)
		flatProjection: false,	// map image to appear flat (often more distorted)
		fov: 35, 				// initial field of view
		fovMin: 3, 				// min field of view allowed
		fovMax: 100, 			// max field of view allowed
		hideControls: false,	// hide player controls
		lon: 0, 				// initial lon for camera angle
		lat: 0, 				// initial lat for camera angle
		loop: "loop", 			// video loops by default
		muted: true,			// video muted by default
		volume: 0.5,			// video volume by default
		autoplay: true			// video autoplays by default

	// play video

	// pause video

	// load new video file
	$('.valiantContainer').Valiant360('loadVideo', 'path/to/file.mp4');

	// load new photo file
	$('.valiantContainer').Valiant360('loadPhoto', 'path/to/file.jpg');

	// destroy Valiant360 processing/resources (however, will not remove element from the dom. That is left up to you)

A note on the crossOrigin CORS option

Allows images and videos to be served from a domain separate to where Valiant360 is hosted (eg a CDN). If a crossOrigin keyword is not specified, anonymous is used.

This option will allow Valiant360 to grab cross-domain assets for Chrome and Firefox, however at time of writing Safari throws the error: [Error] SecurityError: DOM Exception 18: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent.

Cross-domain tested on Mac OSX Yosemite: Chrome v43.0.2357.130, Chrome Canary v45.0.2449.0, Firefox v39.0, Safari v8.0.6.

For further explanation on these CORS keywords, see:

3rd party libraries and their licenses

The following assets are used in this tool's creation.