• Added configurable upload file timestamp: 'Photo capture date/time' or 'Upload date/time'
    The timestamp of the uploaded files used to be the photo capture date. While since approach is nice when you want to sort photos in File Explorer/Finder via the Diskstation shares, it is not quite helpful if you are doing backups over the /photo share. Also. it isn't consistent with the recently introduced MetadataUpload Mode, which will set the file timestamp to the upload time. Now, it is possible to configure the upload file timestamp strategy in the Export/Publish Service dialog. 'Photo capture date/time' is still the default, but it is recommended to switch to 'Upload date/time' if you do backups of the /photo share.

  • Added metadata translation of multiple Lr Location tags to a single PS Location tag: you can now define how the Lr location tags (location, city, state, country, ISO country code) should be combined to a single PS Location tag in Export or Published Collection settings dialog.
    The definition consists of up to 5 Lr location tags and and an optional one-character field seperator. It is also possible to define an empty translation which will remove any existing Location tag in PS for the uploaded photos. If you define a Location tag template with fields that are actually empty for a photo, the superfluous separators will be trimmed in the resulting PS Location tag for that photo. In other words: it's safe to define more fields and a separator in the translation template definition, even if not all location tags are present the uploaded photos: separators will only be set between two non-empty tags, a photo with no location tags at all will get an empty PS Location tag, regardless of the tag template definition.

    Uploading of the translated/combined PS Location tag is done via the the PS Metadata upload APIs. If you do a normal (full) Upload of a photo/video, the Location tag will be uploaded automatically during a second MetadataUpload pass (same mechanism as for video metadata upload).

    Important note: the location tag translation applies only to assigned location tags (solid font in the respective Lr metadata panel field) and not to suggested location tags (dimmed font).

    This feature was suggested in issue #32 by PaulWalkerUK.

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed an issue where the {LrCC} placeholder with a matching/extract pattern would only evaluate the first contained collection of a photo.
      Thanks to Gildas Marsaly for not only reporting the bug but also offering a patch!
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