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Architecture of Consoles   Badge License Button Stylesheet Button Translate

This repo holds the articles that constitute the Architecture of Consoles series. It has been made public to enable interested readers to discuss improvements, add translations and possibly more.

This repo is structured as follows:

  • The articles folder contains writings in Pandoc Markdown format, along with some front-matter (mainly meta-data) and R snippets.
  • resources contains a list of strings that are referenced across the site and are isolated for translation purposes.


With all the traffic that's been going to the website I thought this would be an opportunity to enable readers from anywhere in the world to help translate the content, helping it to reach the widest audience.

If that's something you are interested in, please check out the document.

Corrections and Additions

Likewise, if you think there's a mistake (whether it's a technicality or involves multiple lines of text), please open an issue so we can discuss it. I don't recommend submitting a pull request right away since we may have a disagreement and I don't want you to waste your time! But I'm very open to any discussion.