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Binding to use 'libmodbus' from Ruby

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== About project

libmodbus4r –a wrapper for library libmodbus wrote in Ruby. libmodbus – a free implementation of protocol ModBus TCP\RTU for Linux and OSX operation systems. It's very fast and stable library wrote in C. Goal of project is ability writing application in Ruby that use ModBus protocol for communication with devices.

== Features

* Use only Ruby-1.9.x and Ruby-1.8.7
* Include C library *libmodbus*;
* ModBus TCP and RTU master(client);
* ModBus TCP and RTU slave(server);
* Support functions: 
  * read coil status (0x01)
  * read input status (0x02)
  * read holding registers (0x03)
  * read input registers (0x04)
  * force single coil (0x05)
  * preset single register (0x06)
  * force multiple coils (0x0F)
  * preset multiple registers (0x10)

== Installation

Importan! libmodbus4 work only in Linux и OSX

    Simplest installation is use rubygems
    $ sudo gem install libmodbus4r
    or  installation from source with command:
    $ sudo rake install

== Authors

Aleksey Timin <> 

== References 

Home page projects :

Hosting on RubyForge :

Hosting on GitHub :

Ruby site :

libmobus on Launchpad :

ModBus community:
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