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Timeouts after Error #11

zeeed opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Jörg Ziegler Aleksey Timin
Jörg Ziegler

On Win 7, rmodbus 1.0.3, ruby with this serial connection:
ModBus::RTUClient.connect('COM4', 115200, { :data_bits => 8, :stop_bits => 1, :parity => SerialPort::EVEN })

Everything works really smoothly until I hit a "ILLEGAL DATA ADDRESS" response from the slave. After that, rmodbus only times out even though the device responds just as before. Increasing the timeout doesn't seem to have an effect. Closing and re-opening the serial connection helps, after that everything works fine again.

Aleksey Timin flipback referenced this issue from a commit
Aleksey Timin Fixed issue #11 c3b2d25
Aleksey Timin

Done. Please update your gem and if all right close this issue)
Thanks for report)

Jörg Ziegler

kudos for the fastest fix. works great, thank you!

Jörg Ziegler zeeed closed this
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