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The RubyPlayer is a client library for the Player (operation system for robots) in pure Ruby. Build Status


The Player project distributes bindings of client libraries for Ruby and Python but I think that this project has several reasons to be:

  1. Pure implementation doesn't require C\C++ libraries of Player, SWIG and compilator. You can use it on any platform with installed Ruby.
  2. In contrast to standard bindings Ruby Player is spreaded as gem and you can use it with Bundle, RVM and others tools which we all are loving.
  3. Standard bindings doesn't use the expression of Ruby. Calls of function in C style without blocks, hashes and exceptions.


gem install ruby-player


  require 'ruby-player'
  Player::Client.connect("localhost") do |robot|
    pos2d = robot.position2d(1)
    ranger = robot.ranger
    pos2d.set_speed(vx: 1, vy: 0, va: 0.2)
    #main loop
    robot.loop do
      puts "Position: x=%{px}, y=%{py}, a=%{pa}" % pos2d.state
      puts "Rangers: #{ranger.collect(&:range)}"

API coverage

The list of support objects and devices of Player.

  • Client object
  • ActArray
  • AIO
  • BlobFinder
  • Gripper
  • Position2d
  • Power
  • Ranger


  • Ruby 1.9.2 or later
  • Player 3.1.0 or later
  • For examples Stage 4.1.0 or later


Home page


Player project

C API Player


Aleksey Timin