ES6 - Travis - Nyc - - Ava - Boilerplate
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ES6 - Travis - Nyc - - Ava - Boilerplate

semantic-release version MIT License travis build Codecov js-standard-style Commitizen friendly downloads


i. Set up requirements

go to the following sites and create an account:

go to GitHub Integrations and add the following:

ii. Set up your github repo

git clone

delete .git directory

git init

edit package.json and rename title

edit keywords in package.json

edit readme and rename title/links

npm install

git add .

run 'npm run commit' for the initial commit

create a new repository at github

git remote add origin

git push -u origin master

iii. Set up to publish to NPM (automatically)

run 'semantic-release-cli setup'

  • skip creating new .travis.yml as you already have one
  • put the "version": "0.0.0-semantically-released", back in package.json

start building api and unit testing

run npm run cover && npm run build

git add .

npm run commit

git push

All done!

The badges on top section of the README should now display some data.

Additional notes

The dependencies saved to package.json is configured with exact version. You might need to update it or change to use semver range operator.

Also, you might want to check out Kent C. Dodds' course How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library at


MIT © Felipe Apostol