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You need to create a simple counter application that can do the following:

  • Add a named counter to a list of counters
  • Increment any of the counters
  • Decrement any of the counters
  • Delete a counter
  • Show a sum of all the counter values
  • It must persist data back to the server

We have provided:

  • Compiled Directory: of /static/
  • /static/index.html that will be served at localhost:3000 when the server is running
  • /static/app.js and /static/app.css will be used automatically by /static/index.html

If you need other publicly available files, other than index.html, app.js, app.css you will have to modify the server code in /index.js

Some other notes:

  • The design, layout, ux, is all up to you.
  • You can change anything you want (server stuff included) as long as the above list is completed.
  • This isn't a backend test, don't make it require any databases.
  • If you decide to use a precompiler of any kind (js/css/etc..) we need to be able to run it with npm run build.
  • We don't want to run any npm install -g whatever commands. NO GLOBAL DEPENDENCIES
  • Tests are good.

A possible layout could be:

         Counter App
| Input                   [+] |
| [x] Bob           [-] 5 [+] |
| [x] Steve         [-] 1 [+] |
| [x] Pat           [-] 4 [+] |
| Total                    10 |

Review Criteria

In general, we will review submissions based on the following criteria:

  • It works as the spec states
  • Atomic commits with well-written commit messages
  • Thoughtful domain modelling and separation of concerns
  • Attention to principles of object-oriented / functional programming
  • Idiomatic code for the language
  • Tests

Install and start the server

$ npm install
$ npm start
$ npm run build #[optional] use for any precompilers you choose

API endpoints / examples

The following endpoints are expecting a Content-Type: application/json

GET /api/v1/counters
# []

POST {title: "bob"} /api/v1/counter
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 0}
# ]

POST {title: "steve"} /api/v1/counter
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 0},
#   {id: "qwer", title: "steve", count: 0}
# ]

POST {id: "asdf"} /api/v1/counter/inc
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 1},
#   {id: "qwer", title: "steve", count: 0}
# ]

POST {id: "qwer"} /api/v1/counter/dec
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 1},
#   {id: "qwer", title: "steve", count: -1}
# ]

DELETE {id: "qwer"} /api/v1/counter
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 1}
# ]

GET /api/v1/counters
# [
#   {id: "asdf", title: "bob", count: 1},
# ]

*NOTE: Each request returns the current state of all counters.