Ruby client to Alexa API services
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Ruby client for Amazon Alexa APIs.

These include Alexa Top Sites and Alexa Web Information Service.

HTTP transport thanks to Net::HTTP, with a little help from addressable.

XML parsing courtesy of Nokogiri.

Thorough test coverage provided by MiniTest::Spec.


# with bundler
echo 'gem "ralexa"' >> Gemfile

# or just the gem
gem install ralexa

Usage Examples

# grab a Ralexa::Session instance to hold your credentials.
session = Ralexa.session("aws_access_key_id", "aws_secret_access_key")

# all countries
countries = session.top_sites.list_countries

# global top 250 sites
global =

# per-country top sites
first_by_country = {}
countries.each do |c|
  first_by_country[] =, 1).first.url

# individual country lookup
puts "Top Ten Australian Sites""AU", 10).each do |s|
  puts "#{s.url} (#{s.page_views} pageviews)"

# url info for an individual site
puts "Url info of"
puts session.url_info.get("")

puts "bam!"


Service Action ResponseGroup Supported
Alexa Top Sites TopSites Global Yes
Country Yes
ListCountries Yes
Alexa Web Information Services UrlInfo Get Yes
TrafficHistory * Send a pull request!
CategoryBrowse * Send a pull request!
CategoryListings * Send a pull request!
SitesLinkingIn * Send a pull request!


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(c) 2012 Flippa, The MIT License.