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  • Rails 4 compatibility
  • Ruby 1.9 required as of 0.3
  • Fixed bang! methods not saving on the back end


  • Added bang! method support, so now you can call @object.awesome! and its state will be set to "awesome." Like all Maintain methods, I'm saying f*ck you to convention and letting you go nuts; you can achieve the same effect one of three ways:



  • Added Enumerable support to bitmask values, so now you can parse through flags with each, select, map, find, and more! This also means to_a is now a method on @object.maintained_attribute.


  • Removed accidental debugging puts calls from ActiveRecord backend


  • Added :force option to state and aggregate definitions, allowing you to force a method overwrite
  • Added an attribute_name alias to named scopes in the ActiveRecord backend, since Rails 3.1 has eaten up a number of previously usable state names


  • Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.1 compatibility updates (no API changes)