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NOTE: this is an early version, so it is probably a bit buggy NOTE2: zone / quest data has been compiled from numerous sources - the French and German versions may not be absolutely correct - if you want to help out, please let me know of any errors (see PledgeData.lua for the full list)

This addon is mean for guild dungeon running activities. It notifies you when one of your guild mates (who's also running the addon) enters a dungeon zone, begins the run and finishes the corresponding pledge quest.

It is in its very early stages, more features are planned but not implemented yet.

What works:

  • communication between guild mates running the plugin
  • notification of a guild member entering a dungeon
  • ...starting the dungeon
  • ...leaving the dungeon
  • ...and completing a pledge
  • enable/disable per guild

Requirements: Player needs to have permissions to read and write player guild notes.

Usage: Either open the addon through the slash command /pledgerunner or (more convenient) set a keyboard shortcut through the Controls > Keybindings menu. Check the "Enabled" checkbox for each guild that you would like this to work with. By default all are unchecked!

How the communication works: Addons are not allowed to send chat messages to other players. So the addon is using a little workaround by putting its messages into the player's guild note. This, however, in turn means that the player needs permission to read/write their guild notes. Some guilds don't allow this, so unfortunately, the addon will not work then. Sorry.


  • (started) keeping a record of killed bosses, so dungeons can be run without pledges
  • (potentially fixed already) fixing an issue where the dungeon timer will reset because the dungeon is split into multiple zones
  • timer sometimes (often) misbehaves during unexpected zone changes
  • Zone Data is incomplete in terms of boss numbers - these differ quite a bit. Falkreath has 5, City of Ash II has 11!
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