Docker image for Node.js based Wiki Jingo:
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Starts Jingo wiki server (See for live demo). Mount a Git repository at /opt/wiki-content or let the startup script create the repo for you.

JINGO_EXPORT_PATH="/srv/docker/jingo"; docker run --rm -v ${JINGO_EXPORT_PATH}/config/:/opt/jingo/config/ -v ${JINGO_EXPORT_PATH}/data/:/opt/wiki-content -e 'JINGO_APPLICATION_TITLE=My Amazing Wiki' -p 8080:8080 waja/jingo

Environment variables

  • JINGO_APPLICATION_TITLE: wiki name to display in the top-left (default: "Jingo Wiki")
  • JINGO_REPOSITORY: path to wiki content within container (default: /opt/wiki-content)
  • JINGO_HOSTNAME: hostname that Jingo expects to be running at (default: localhost)
  • JINGO_PORT: port that Jingo will run on (default: 8080)

This image is based on mhart/alpine-node, a minimal Node.js image based on Alpine Linux.