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spk (Synology package) to install gitea into Synology NAS
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Fork from gogs-spk to create a SPK package for Gitea, a Gogs fork.


The Gitea package requires the Git Server package.

Package creation

To create the package, clone the repository:

$ git clone

Change into the newly created directory - the root directory:

$ cd gitea-spk

Download the Gitea binary matching your architecture from into the root directory. For example, a DiskStation with an ARMv7 CPU would require:

$ wget

Invoke the build script to have the package created:

$ ./

The install package matching your binary (here gitea-1.1.4-linux-arm-7.spk) will be created in the root directory.

If you have several binaries downloaded, you can specify the binary for which the package should be created:

$ ./ gitea-1.1.3-linux-arm-7


Make sure Package Center > Settings > General > Trust Level is set to Any Publisher and perform installation via Package Center > Manual Install.

Select Package

The installer will create the (internal) user/group gitea:gitea when not found and the executable is run with this user.

Select Package

When installation has finished, the package center shows url and status of your Gitea server.

When accessed for the first time, Gitea will greet you with the installation settings. You should set your Repository Root Path to a shared folder. You can configure permissions for shared folders in the control panel via Edit > Permissions > System internal user to grant the Gitea user permission.

Tested to work on DS116 with Gitea 1.0.1.


Original code copyright (c) 2016 Alexandre Espinosa Menor

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