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The Flix Programming Language
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The Flix Programming Language

Flix is a statically typed functional- and logic programming language inspired by Scala, OCaml, F#, Haskell, and Datalog. The syntax of Flix resembles Scala and Datalog. The type system supports local type inference and is based on Hindley-Milner. Flix runs on the Java Virtual Machine and compiles directly to JVM bytecode.

See the official Flix website for more information about Flix.

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/// The expressions of the lambda calculus are: variables, lambda abstractions, and applications.
enum Expression {
    // A variable expression. A variable is represented by an integer.
    case Var(Int),

    // A lambda abstraction expression. A variable is represented by an integer.
    case Abs(Int, Expression),

    // A function application expression.
    case App(Expression, Expression)

/// Performs alpha conversion by introducing fresh variables for all variables in the given expression `e0`.
def alpha(e0: Expression, m: Map[Int, Int]): Expression = match e0 with {
    case Var(x) =>
        // Check if we need to rename the variable.
        match Map.get(x, m) with {
            case None    => Var(x)
            case Some(y) => Var(y)
    case Abs(x, e) =>
        // Generate a fresh variable name for `x`.
        let y = freshVar();
        Abs(y, alpha(e, Map.insert(x, y, m)))

    case App(e1, e2) =>
        // Recursively perform alpha conversion on each expression.
        App(alpha(e1, m), alpha(e2, m))


Flix is available under the Apache 2.0 license.


We kindly thank EJ Technologies for providing us with JProfiler and JetBrains for providing us with IntelliJ IDEA.

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