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MagicMirror Module to cast from server to chromecast
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MagicMirror2 Module to cast from server to chromecast. This module enables the chromcast to load the content directly from the server, i.e., it does not mirror the browser tab.


  • An installation of MagicMirror2
  • A browser supporting casting to chromecast (i.e. Google Chrome) to initially start the cast
  • A chromecast (or similar device supporting the Google Cast API v3)


  1. Clone this repo into ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  2. Configure your ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js:

        module: "MMM-chromecast",
        position: "top_right",

    Note: the position does not matter, the module does not show any content

Config Options and Usage

There are no options required.

To display the MagicMirror on a chromecast, just open the MagicMirror server in your Google Chrome browser (e.g. https://localhost:8080) and start casting. The chromecast will load the MagicMirror website. The casting only needs to be started once, the browser is not required afterwards.

For further instructions on how to start casting see Google's FAQ.

Important remarks:

  • Chromecast will use the same url as is currently open in your browser when starting to cast.
  • If you change your MagicMirror configuration or setup, you will have to stop casting and restart casting (no automatic refresh).

Notes and References

The receiver and casting code is adapted from url-cast-receiver.

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