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69164-thumb.jpg Era of Eidolon: Shirards Forge

This repository contains Era of Eidolon: Shirards Forge games source code. Source code is decompiled and fully functioning, some changes were already made in order to make code more readable.

Server code is ASP.NET Core 2 application as of current, only message can be sent from server to mobile device.

Reverse engineering

If you remember this game and would like to play it again, help to reverse engineer server side code from client. All help are more than welcome.

What's done so far

  1. You can send one or more welcome messages when game starts. Messages.gif

How to run this project

I don't have any instructions, because I don't remeber how I set it all up. I have it configured locally with NetBeans 8.2. If you want to run it locally, create issue and I will try to help. website website points to this repository. Yes, I bought this domain, it was available... Over the years this domain was used for some shady stuff and gathered some bad reputation. If server code could be reverse engineered, original game would work without any modifications.