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Dependencies normalization for gulp-bem
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This module used to normalize require and expect properties in BEM object.


var normalize = require('deps-normalize');

normalize(undefined);               // []
normalize({ block: 'block' });      // [ { block: 'block' } ]
normalize({ elem: 'elem' });        // [ { elem: 'elem' } ]

// See more examples in tests


normalize(dependencies, [options])

Runs normalization of dependencies. Returns array of normalized dependencies.


Type: Object / String


Type: Object

  • parseString - contains Function, that will parse dependencies if they passed as string.


Dependencies should contain deps objects (or String). We do not support full specification. Those objects are equivalents of BEM objects, but with additional properties, that reduces boilerplate code. After they are normalized, they can be converted to BEM objects.

  • elems - contains Array of String (if it contains String it will be wrapped in array).
  • mods - contains Object with keys as modificators names and values as modificators values. Values can be Number, Boolean, String or Array of String.

If deps object contain elems or mods it will be splitted in multiple BEM objects. It will not take multiplication of elems and mods, if both are present in deps object. Instead it will be interpretated as two deps objects: one with elems and other with mods.

normalize({ elems: ['e1', 'e2'], mods: {m1: 1, m2: [2, 3]} });

// [
//     { block: 'b', elem: 'e1' },
//     { block: 'b', elem: 'e2' },
//     { block: 'b', modName: 'm1', modVal: 1 },
//     { block: 'b', modName: 'm2', modVal: 2 },
//     { block: 'b', modName: 'm2', modVal: 3 }
// ]

level, block, elem, mod and value properties will be taken from current processing object.

Note: you can not have elem with elems in one deps object (same applies to mod and mods).


MIT (c) 2014 Vsevolod Strukchinsky

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