Deploy .IPA package to iOS device with a NodeJs CLI
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Deploy .ipa package to iOS device


  • Mac OS
  • ios-deploy, use it to install .app to iOS device, install it: [sudo] npm install -g ios-deploy
  • unzip, use it to unzip .ipa file.


[sudo] npm install -g ipa-deploy

How To Use

ipa-deploy <path_to_ipa_file>


ipa-deploy myapp.ipa

How It Works

Here are the steps that the tool actualy runs:

# unzip the IPA file to tmp folder
mkdir ./tmp
cd ./tmp
unzip <path_to_ipa_file>

# run ios-deploy to install the app into iOS device
ios-deploy -b ./Payload/*.app

# clean up the tmp folder
cd ..
rm -r ./tmp


A simple tool created by Raymond Xie, to install IPA package with command line.

Any comments are welcome.