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Socket.IO Client Library for Unity (mono / .NET 2.0), which is ported from the JavaScript client version 1.1.0.

SocketIoClientDotNet by Quobject is a very good project, but it does not support Unity. So I spent a few overnights to port it to mono/.NET 2.0.

Now game developers can:

  • use node.js to develop game server, enjoy the powerful ecosystem of network and database, easily deploy to cloud;
  • use Unity to develop game client, enjoy the poweful game engine and IDE.
  • use websocket / to communicate between server/client.


Downlaod and then import into Unity.

Or, only download the following files in Lib and put to Unity project:

  • WebSocket4Net.dll
  • SocketIoClientDotNet.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll

It's available on Unity Asset Store for $10, but you can also download it for FREE here.

If you are interested to dig into the source code, welcome to fork the SocketIoClientDotNet for .NET 2.0.

Usage client for Unity has a similar api to those of the JavaScript client.

using Quobject.SocketIoClientDotNet.Client;

var socket = IO.Socket("http://localhost:3000");
socket.On(Socket.EVENT_CONNECT, () =>
socket.On("hi", (data) =>

And, with Newtonsoft.Json.dll, we can easliy serialize / deserialize json object. Read more about Newtonsoft.Json.


This library supports all of the features the JS client does, including events, options and upgrading transport.

Framework Versions

Mono, .NET 2.0



Project Author Popularity Status floatinghotpot new ACTIVE, support .NET 2.0 and Unity
SocketIoClientDotNet Quobject 323 stars ACTIVE, support .NET 3.5 and higher, but not compatible with .NET 2.0 and Unity
UnitySocketIO NetEase 547 stars no longer maintained, not compatible with 1.x and later fpanettieri 189 stars no longer maintained
UnitySocketIO-WebSocketSharp kaistseo 108 stars no longer maintained


Thanks to the authors of following projects: