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Floating browser window

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Logo of Flobro followed by the text: Add an on-top browser to your workspace and watch your favorite online videos while working, gaming or studying

Do you want to work or game and simultaneously view a video or a webpage? Then you need Flobro! With Flobro you can add a browser window to your screen that floats on top, so you can work or game and watch at the same time.

Flobro is distraction free, so no browser interface bugging on top.


Available in the Chrome Web Store
Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the app.

Contribute to the project

If you encounter a bug in the app, please report an issue.
Do you miss a certain feature in the app? Consider doing a suggestion.
Feel free to fork the project and submit your pull requests.

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Thanks for starring the project!

Help translate the app

You can also support the project by translating. Please join the project on Transifex to help translating the app to your language and keeping the translation updated.

Language progress on Transifex

Translate the app

Support the project

Flobro is free to use and open source, so your help is greatly appreciated.

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If you like the app, please give it a 5-star review on the Chrome Web Store 🤩.

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I like working on this project for you guys, but unfortunately my time is limited. If you like my work, please become a Github Sponsor, join me on Patreon or buy me a coffee so I can invest more time in this project.

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