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Send highlights and mentions through Gotify
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A WeeChat plugin that sends highlights and/or private message notifications through Gotify.


The plugin allows you to set a few options through the normal WeeChat settings system.
You'll find all of them under plugins.var.python.gotify, and all of them have helpful descriptions.

To set them use /set bar or through the plugin.

  • host
    • host for the gotify api (default: "")
  • token
    • app token for the gotify api (default: "")
  • priority
    • priority of the message (default: 2)
  • timeout
    • timeout for the message sending in seconds (default: 5)
  • separator
    • separator between nick and message in notifications (default: ": ")
  • notify_on_highlight
    • push notifications for highlights in buffers (on/off) (default: "on")
  • notify_on_privmsg
    • push notifications for private messages (on/off) (default: "on")
  • notify_when
    • when to push notifications (away/detached/always/never) (default: "always")
  • ignore_buffers
    • comma-separated list of buffers to ignore (default: "")
  • ignore_nicks
    • comma-separated list of users to not push notifications from (default: "")
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