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Made the instructions a bit more clear

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@@ -20,13 +20,23 @@ is a similar plugin, but it targets DataMapper.
## Installation and Setup
+No Fuzz as a plugin:
cd your_rails_project
script/plugin install git://
# Now we create a trigram migration for the model we want to add fuzzy search to:
script/generate no_fuzz Model
rake db:migrate
+Or if you want to use is as a gem:
+ gem sources -a
+ sudo gem install Chrononaut-no_fuzz
+Then add the following line to your environment.rb file
+ config.gem "Chrononaut-no_fuzz", :source => "", :lib => "no_fuzz"
-(Note that the plugin is available as a gem as well - you don't have to use script/plugin)
## Basic Usage
@@ -38,8 +48,11 @@ Add the following code in the model you'd like to index:
Where field is the field used for the indexing data (you can use multiple fields
if you want).
-Populate the index by running 'Model.populate_trigram_index'. Then, you can
-search fuzzily with the fuzzy_find method:
+Populate the index by running:
+ Model.populate_trigram_index
+Then, you can search fuzzily with the fuzzy_find method:
Model.fuzzy_find("query", 10) # find maximum 10 rows

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