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Arduino library for HDMI CEC communication
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Arduino library for HDMI CEC communication

Original code at: (c) Phil Burr and Andrew N. Carr

This is an Arduino library which implements the HDMI v1.3a CEC wire protocol which allows communication with HDMI CEC capable devices. A typical usage scenario would be a Home Theater PC environment which uses HDMI but does not support CEC. This would allow the HTPC to communicate with other HDMI CEC equipment.

Note: the nice thing about CEC is that it's a bus. Consequently, the Arduino can be connected to a different HDMI port (= "physical address") than the one it should control. Therefore, the address given in the example code is the address of the port where the CEC-less source device is plugged in.

I have tested the example with a somewhat dated Philips TV (40PFL5605K), and can now use my remote control for Kodi etc. Other TVs may have different quirks - if it doesn't work, connect something that does work (e.g. a FireTV), enable promiscuous mode and observe the traffic on the serial console. Unknown messages can be directly pasted into CEC-O-MATIC ( to decode them without having to dig through the spec.

Note: most HDMI sinks also want +5V supplied on pin 18 before they start using the port. The bold numbers in the schematic below correspond to the HDMI pin numbers where the signals should be connected (see also


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