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By hard-coding the example URLs to point to the Rubyforge documentati…

…on site, we can fix the broken links on the Github README page. This isn't an ideal solution, because it means when building the documentation locally, the links will point to the live versions of the examples, rather than the local versions. But the whole thing is a bit of a mess anyway, because the README was only originally designed to be used on the Rubyforge site and not on Github. So this'll do for now.
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== Examples

* Quick Start - {Usage Examples}[link:examples/misc.html]
* Traditional mocking - {Star Trek Example}[link:examples/mocha.html]
* Setting expectations on real classes - {Order Example}[link:examples/stubba.html]
* Quick Start - {Usage Examples}[]
* Traditional mocking - {Star Trek Example}[]
* Setting expectations on real classes - {Order Example}[]
* More examples on {Floehopper's Blog}[]
* {Mailing List Archives}[]

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