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require File.expand_path '../xref_test_case', __FILE__
class TestRDocInclude < XrefTestCase
def setup
@inc = 'M1', 'comment'
@inc.parent = @m1
def test_module
assert_equal @m1, @inc.module
assert_equal 'Unknown','Unknown', 'comment').module
def test_module_extended
m1 = @xref_data.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod1'
m1_m3 = m1.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod3'
m1_m2 = m1.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod2'
m1_m2_m3 = m1_m2.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod3'
m1_m2_m3_m4 = m1_m2_m3.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod4'
m1_m2_m4 = m1_m2.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod4'
m1_m2_k0 = m1_m2.add_class RDoc::NormalClass, 'Klass0'
m1_m2_k0_m4 = m1_m2_k0.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod4'
#m1_m2_k0_m4_m5 = m1_m2_k0_m4.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod5'
m1_m2_k0_m4_m6 = m1_m2_k0_m4.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod6'
m1_m2_k0_m5 = m1_m2_k0.add_module RDoc::NormalModule, 'Mod5'
i0_m4 = 'Mod4', nil
i0_m5 = 'Mod5', nil
i0_m6 = 'Mod6', nil
i0_m1 = 'Mod1', nil
i0_m2 = 'Mod2', nil
i0_m3 = 'Mod3', nil
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m4
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m5
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m6
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m1
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m2
m1_m2_k0.add_include i0_m3
assert_equal [i0_m4, i0_m5, i0_m6, i0_m1, i0_m2, i0_m3], m1_m2_k0.includes
assert_equal [m1_m2_m3, m1_m2, m1, m1_m2_k0_m4_m6, m1_m2_k0_m5,
m1_m2_k0_m4, 'Object'], m1_m2_k0.ancestors
m1_k1 = m1.add_class RDoc::NormalClass, 'Klass1'
i1_m1 = 'Mod1', nil
i1_m2 = 'Mod2', nil
i1_m3 = 'Mod3', nil
i1_m4 = 'Mod4', nil
i1_k0_m4 = 'Klass0::Mod4', nil
m1_k1.add_include i1_m1
m1_k1.add_include i1_m2
m1_k1.add_include i1_m3
m1_k1.add_include i1_m4
m1_k1.add_include i1_k0_m4
assert_equal [i1_m1, i1_m2, i1_m3, i1_m4, i1_k0_m4], m1_k1.includes
assert_equal [m1_m2_k0_m4, m1_m2_m3_m4, m1_m2_m3, m1_m2, m1, 'Object'],
m1_k2 = m1.add_class RDoc::NormalClass, 'Klass2'
i2_m1 = 'Mod1', nil
i2_m2 = 'Mod2', nil
i2_m3 = 'Mod3', nil
i2_k0_m4 = 'Klass0::Mod4', nil
m1_k2.add_include i2_m1
m1_k2.add_include i2_m3
m1_k2.add_include i2_m2
m1_k2.add_include i2_k0_m4
assert_equal [i2_m1, i2_m3, i2_m2, i2_k0_m4], m1_k2.includes
assert_equal [m1_m2_k0_m4, m1_m2, m1_m3, m1, 'Object'], m1_k2.ancestors
m1_k3 = m1.add_class RDoc::NormalClass, 'Klass3'
i3_m1 = 'Mod1', nil
i3_m2 = 'Mod2', nil
i3_m4 = 'Mod4', nil
m1_k3.add_include i3_m1
m1_k3.add_include i3_m2
m1_k3.add_include i3_m4
assert_equal [i3_m1, i3_m2, i3_m4], m1_k3.includes
assert_equal [m1_m2_m4, m1_m2, m1, 'Object'], m1_k3.ancestors
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