Home brewed mp3 player code: Stick a memory stick in it and it plays. Also radio-transmits the music… :)
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1. MP3 Player

Trying to hack together an mp3 player that is simple and easy to use.

What it should be able to do:
 * Have a memory stick opening.
 * Play randomly a sequence of mp3s from the memory stick, acting as a physical playlist.
 * The memory sticks used can be flashy (blinking blue for party playlists,
   white plastic for ambient, black steel for hip hop, a constant red light for hal9000)
 * Start playing when the memory stick is inserted and stop when removed.
 * Broadcast the music by RF.
 * Have a debugging display that is not shown.
 * Be made of darkly textured wood. A pillar with the opening at the top.