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  • FIXMEs already in the code.
  • TODOs already in the code.
  • Covering a very simple case.
  • Controller Mini-FW.
  • Documentation.
  • Website.
  • Covering a more complex case based on possible feedback.
  • 15 minute blog search video. (tongue in cheek)
  • Write a tokenizer introspector with which you can see how the tokenizing configs influence a query or indexing measure.
  • Live interface and config changes.
  • Use strategies (in Indexers) to allow SQL only indexing.
  • Use strategies to allow Non-SQL sources.
  • Put app specific code in /app
  • Put shared app specific code in /shared?
  • create gemifying stuff
  • directory structure
  • Doc: Recommended for use up to 100 Mio. Datapoints.
  • Use Ruby 1.9.3
  • Option: trap_signals # default true
  • Rake can generate directories and files
  • Not for Windows
  • picky bin
  • picky project # => Generates project.
  • deploy server start needs :sequential => true option
  • Should partial bundle weights always be 0? (They might be too high, as they have many more ids)
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