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The Ruby semantic text search engine.

Take a dive with Picky in the Getting Started section on
Ask questions in the Picky Mailing List.
See the changelog.
Follow for updates on @picky_rb.
Find everything else in the Picky Wiki.

System Requirements

for installing and managing Ruby versions, there are two projects: rbenv and RVM.


gem install picky picky-client picky-generators

The server

The server generates a library example, which you can run right away.

# Generates a directory "app_name"
# with a new Picky unicorn server project.

picky generate unicorn_server app_name
cd app_name
bundle install

Index the data

rake index

Start the Picky server

rake start

Try a query!

curl localhost:8080/books?query=test

Don’t worry about the strange looking results! The next part (client) will take care of them.

If you’re interested anyway: Results

The client

The client generates an example app for the “library” example backend, using Sinatra.

# Generates a directory "app_name"
# with a new Picky Client Sinatra Webapp project.

picky generate sinatra_client app_name
cd app_name
bundle install

Start the app server

unicorn -p 3000

Admire your work

Go to http://localhost:3000/ and try the examples.

Your own search

You’re probably itching to change the example for your own data. How do you do this?

The server

In the server directory, just type


and it will tell you where to change the server configuration.

The client

Go to http://localhost:3000/configure and the page will show you how to configure your app server.

Working on Picky

Installing all gems

./install REMOTE

Running integration specs

./integration REMOTE

Running other specs



Right here. I’m happy to help! If something doesn’t work, send/gist me your application.rb and I’ll look into it.

github, twitter, mail

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