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APIs in Picky

This is the reference document for all the APIs that can be used in Picky.

It denotes several areas where you can plug into Picky.


Has methods

  • tokenize(text) => [[:token1, :token2, ...], ["Original1", "Original2", ...]] (2-D array of the tokens and the original texts)

Accepted by

  • Sinatra::Application#indexing
  • Sinatra::Application#searching
  • Picky::Index#indexing
  • Picky::Search#searching
  • tokenizer_instance)


Has methods

  • substitute(text) => new text (with characters replaced)

Accepted as

  • option substitutes_characters_with for indexing and searching.


Accepted by

  • Picky::Index#backend(backend_instance)


Has methods

  • each(&block) yields objects (that respond to methods listed in the categories, or in the categories’ from option)


Has methods

  • weight_for(amount_of_ids) => float (a weight)

Accepted as option weight for the category.


Has methods

  • each_partial(token, &block) yields each partialized token

Accepted as option partial for the category.


Has methods

  • encoded(token) => encoded token
  • sort!(codes, token) => unimportant # TODO Rename?

Accepted as option similarity for the category.


Has methods

  • Picky::Search#search(text, ids = 20, offset = 0) => Picky::Results (an instance)


Has methods

  • prepare! => unimportant (prepares the search results, called by the Picky search)
  • ids(amount = 20) => [id1, id2, id3, ...] (a list of ids in order of importance)
  • total => 1234 (the total number of – calculated – results)
  • duration => 1.234 (a float)
  • to_hash => {...} (a hash representation of the results)
  • to_json"{...}" (a json representation of the hash representation of the results)
  • to_s => log output (a string for log output)
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