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Single Page Help Index

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This is the one page help document for Picky.

Search for things using your browser (use ⌘F).

Edit typos directly in the github page of a section using the edit button.

Getting started{#index-getting-started}

It's All Ruby. You'll never feel powerless. Look at your index data anytime.

Generating an app{#index-generating}

Creating an example app to get you up and running fast, Servers or Clients.

Generating them:

More infos on the applications:

Integration in Rails/Sinatra etc.{#index-integration}

How to integrate Picky in:


How data is cut into little pieces for the index and when searching.


How the data is stored and what you can do with Indexes.

Configuring an index:

How does data get in there?

How is the data categorized?

How is the data prepared?

Getting at the data:

There are four different store types:

Advanced topics:


How to configure a search interface over an index (or multiple).

What options does a user have when searching?

Advanced topics:


When you need a slice over a category's data.


What a picky search returns.


We include a JavaScript library to make writing snazzy interfaces easier – see the options.


A bit of thanks!

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