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# TODO Completely rewrite all.
echo "Don't forget to run"
echo "cd web; bundle exec middleman build; cd .."
# Old picky pages.
git branch -D gh-pages
git checkout -b gh-pages # switch to new gh-pages branch
git checkout master -- web/build # checkout just the web/build folder from master
cp -r web/build/* . # TODO Make elegant
git add . # commit the changes
git commit -m "Picky website update" # commit the changes
git push -f origin gh-pages #
git checkout master # go back to the master branch
# New picky page.
cd ../
cp -r ../picky/web/build/* .
git checkout master
echo '' > CNAME # Add CNAME file.
git add .
git commit -m "Picky website update"
git push origin master
cd ../picky
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