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Picky Recipes

When viewing on github, use the key t followed by recipes and a recipe category (see below) pressing enter and then using the handy copy&paste button next to the file name.


  • /basic (Basic recipes to show how to do a search)
  • /partial (How to configure partial* searches)
  • /weight (How to configure category specific weighing)
  • /similarity (How to configure similarity~ searches)
  • /boosting (How to boost certain results / category combinations)
  • /tokenizers (TODO How to configure tokenization for indexing/searching)
  • /sinatra_rails (TODO How to use Picky in Sinatra or Rails)


  • /searches (How to configure your search so it rocks)
  • /range (How to use range queries)
  • /geolocation (How to configure geosearches)


  • /advanced (Advanced recipes to inspire you to greatness)
  • All the customized.rb recipes
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