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+h2. Version 1.3.0 (unreleased)
+ * hanke: (server) Offers a new routing API, an interface that permits changing parameters in the running server. Use like @route %r{/admin} =>
+ * hanke: (statistics) The statistics server is now called "Clam".
+ * hanke: (live-interface) A new Gem "picky-live-interface" that offers a live interface into the Picky server, provided you have a route for it. It is called "Suckerfish", and is one of Picky's friends.
h2. Version 1.2.4
* hanke: (server) @default_indexing@ (in the application.rb) provides a new option @reject_token_if => some_lambda@, e.g.: @reject_token_if: lambda { |token| token.nil? || token == :hello }@ where you can define which tokens go into the index, and which do not. Default lambda is: @&:empty?@. This means that only non-empty tokens are saved in the index. You could, for example, not save tokens that have length < 2 (since they might be too small for your purposes). Note that tokens are passed into the hash as symbols.

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