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ccoenen commented May 23, 2013


A colleague of mine notified me of this wikipage here:

while there's technically nothing wrong with it, i would appreciate it, if you could come up with an example that is a little more original and less stereotypical. There's numerous things that i find to be problematic here:

  • ownership of people (has_many and belongs_to suggest a very dominant role of the male here)
  • stereotypic properties (favorite_beer, job and wishes. As if women wouldn't have jobs and men don't have any wishes? Your choice of beverage is, of course, your own business.)
  • women only have a name?
  • heterocentric view (must be wife + man)

I'm sure there's a lot of nice ways to explain the very same thing with different models.


floere commented May 23, 2013

Hi Claudius,

True indeed, it's quite old fashioned. That page has been contributed by a user of Picky as you can see at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to de-old-fashion-ify! :)
Perhaps a simple reversal of roles does the trick in a twist-y way?



floere commented Jul 12, 2013

I linked this issue at the top of and noted that there are problems with the example.

floere closed this Jul 12, 2013

ccoenen commented Jul 12, 2013

thanks for the notice. I unfortunately didn't come up with a better example, yet.

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