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Picky Wiki

Welcome to the Picky Wicky cough Wiki!

Picky is a really easy to use and fast Ruby search engine that helps your users find what they are looking for.

Where to go from here?

The official introductory page
Google group (discussions)
IRC #picky
Contributions and Contributors


A note on index reloading and realtime indexes

Configuring the server

Indexing defines how data is indexed.
  Character Substitution replaces e.g. “ö” with “oe”.
Indexes hold the data.
  Sources tell Picky where to get the data.
  Categories categorize parts of the data.
Searching defines how to handle a query text.
  Character Substitution replaces e.g. “ñ” with “n”.
Searches offer a search interface on one or more indexes.
Routing maps URLs to queries.

Configuration Examples to get an idea how it’s done.

MongoMapper Example to see how to set up Picky to use with MongoMapper/MongoDB.

Configuring the client

Note: For now, see the instructions at http://localhost:3000/configure in the scaffolding client.
The Rails/Sinatra etc. client
Client Configuration
JS Frontend Configuration

The results

Format and Structure of the Picky JSON.

Extending and contributing to Picky

Adding a Source of data.
Adding a Character Substituter that replaces single characters.

Feature Philosophy

Performance Tips

Best Practices Setup
Indexing Performance

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