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See the issues for latest news on what we are working on. This is just the strategy page on where Picky could go and what has been done previously. For more details on what has been done, see the CHANGELOG.

  1. Release first version (0.0.1)
  2. Clean up code (0.0.3)
  3. Work on JS interface (0.0.5)
  4. Application Interface (0.1.0)
  5. Query normalization includes european i18n handling (0.2.2)
  6. Explanation on how to extend Picky with a new character normalizer (0.10.0)
  7. Range search (0.12.1)
  8. Improve this Wiki (0.12.3)
  9. Release 1.0 (1.0.0 ;) )
  10. Command line command “picky …” (1.1.0)
  11. Extract generators into picky-generators (1.1.1)
  12. Add empty generators that generate “empty” projects (1.1.2)
  13. Use Case (1.2.0, See it here)
  14. “Live” Statistics interface (1.2.1)
  15. Admin Interface to enable “live” settings. (1.3.0, Read about it)
  16. Enable non-integer keys for key/value stores. (1.3.1)
  17. Search Interface improvements and customizations. (1.4.0)
  18. Reloadable indexes (in a running system). (1.4.3, Read about it)
  19. Redis Index (in addition to the In-Memory Index) (1.5.0, Read about it)
  20. Helpful Rake tasks (analysis, routes) (1.5.3, Read about it)
  21. Better error reporting and helpful messages. (ongoing, 1.5.1/2/3)
  22. Remove hashbang in client. (1.5.4)
  23. Moving to 2.0: Consolidate Full/Live, use an ids Parameter to differentiate (data/parameter driven). (2.0.0.pre1)
  24. Moving to 2.0: Fix history JS problem. (2.0.0.pre2)
  25. Get feedback for 2.0.
  26. Release 2.0. (2.0.0, surprise)
  27. More configuration examples in Wiki. (See it here)
  28. Area/Volumetric search examples. (See them here)
  29. New style API. (Sources etc.) (2.2.0, Read about it)
  30. MongoDB Data Source. (2.2.0, Read about it)
  31. Better speccing tools. (Read about them here)
  32. Geospatial search examples. (Read about it here and here)
  33. Expose internal API, part 1 (3.0.0, Read about ut here)
  34. More Search options to include/exclude categories, retrying searches, advanced moves and tricks.
  35. From here on, please see the Issues page for worked-on points.
  36. Obtain real live octopus. Call it Picky and teach it searching tricks.
  37. Become mayor of Krakow. Hold more Ruby conferences there. Eat all the available polish food.
  38. Implement coffee making capabilities.
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