I taught high school math. Syllabus, LibreOffice grading templates and Python grade report generator, batch software installs for computer lab, etc.
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Teaching High School

I taught high school math for the 2016/2017 school year. Here are files that may be of use if you do something similar.

Documents provides rules, policies, syllabi, and schedules.

Standards provides the list of which chapters in the textbooks I used matched which standards I was to follow.

Then, for grading I used weighted categories for the first quarter and after that switched to points. There are two templates (with example names and scores, but the assignment names match what I actually used first and fourth quarters): GradesQ1_points.ods and GradesQ1_weighted.ods. After each test, I'd copy the scores into the TestGradeAnalysis.ods file to see if I ought to curve the test.

The students would often ask to see their grades as we did not have an online system, and I did not want them to see anybody else's grades when I was showing them. Thus, the GradeReports. The script generates a text file for each student in each class also including a list of missed work (for examples see GradeReports/20171201 folders). In addition, it updates the "Report" sheet in the grading file that lists everybody's grades (for printing and giving to other teachers or for giving to the students).

For setting up the computer lab, see the ComputerLab folder.

For each of the documents, I provided a PDF of it as well for ease of viewing. Each document is for LibreOffice.