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Object detection neural network for detecting a frying pan in images
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Detect Frying Pan

Use an object detection neural network to detect frying pans in images. The purpose of this is for use in an autonomous drone egg drop entry.

See the demo video on Youtube.


Get this code:

git clone --recursive
cd detect-frying-pan

Collect images for dataset

Download images from Google

sudo pacman -S python-selenium chromium
./google-images-download/google_images_download/ \
    -cf google_image_config.json

Delete all those you don't like from the google_images/ folder, e.g. if they're not black, have watermarks, are clipart, have a white background, have low depth of field, etc. Look for images that are mostly top-down mostly empty if possible.

Since there will likely be duplicates, you can remove some of these (if they're exact duplicates):

jdupes google_images/ -r -d # select which you want, e.g. 1 for all duplicates

Take your own images

Buy a skillet or frying pan and go take top-down pictures from a variety of angles with many different backgrounds and lighting conditions. Maybe with a variety of cameras too. Put them all in a my_images_large/ folder.

Shrink them. Outputs to my_images/:


Labeling images

Then, to label them in Sloth (see my Arch PKGBUILD):

./ # 'f' to label as frying pan, space for next, Ctrl+S to save

Convert TensorFlow {tftrain,tfvalid,tftest}.record files:


Get pre-trained TensorFlow networks

for i in *.tar.gz; do tar xaf $i; done

Fix bug

To fix a bug, in models/research/object_detection/metrics/ change

results.dataset['categories'] = copy.deepcopy(self.dataset['categories'])


results.dataset['categories'] = self.dataset['categories']


Uncomment the model you wish to train in

Install dependencies:

sudo pacman -S cython
pip install --user pycocotools

Then run training and monitor the results:

tensorboard --logdir float:object_detection_models.float,quantized:object_detection_models.quantized,ppn:object_detection_models.ppn

Export model

Export the model for TensorFlow Lite:

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