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Keep both the latest and the best on validation data
# Create the checkpoint on the data you wish to save and the manager object
checkpoint = tf.train.Checkpoint(model=model, opt=opt, ...)
checkpoint_manager = CheckpointManager(checkpoint, model_dir, log_dir)
# Restore either the latest model with .restore_latest() to resume training
# or the best model with .restore_best() for evaluation after trining
# During training, save at a particular step and if validation_accuracy is
# higher than the best previous validation accuracy, then save a new "best"
# model as well, validation_accuracy)
import os
import tensorflow as tf
from absl import flags
from file_utils import get_best_valid_accuracy, write_best_valid_accuracy, \
get_best_target_valid_accuracy, write_best_target_valid_accuracy, \
flags.DEFINE_integer("latest_checkpoints", 1, "Max number of latest checkpoints to keep")
flags.DEFINE_integer("best_checkpoints", 1, "Max number of best checkpoints to keep")
class CheckpointManager:
Keep both the latest and the best on validation data
Latest stored in model_dir and best stored in model_dir/best
Saves the best validation accuracy in log_dir/best_valid_accuracy.txt
def __init__(self, checkpoint, model_dir, log_dir, target=False):
self.checkpoint = checkpoint
self.log_dir = log_dir = target
# Keep track of the latest for restoring interrupted training
self.latest_manager = tf.train.CheckpointManager(
checkpoint, directory=model_dir, max_to_keep=FLAGS.latest_checkpoints)
# Keeps track of our best model for use after training
best_model_dir = os.path.join(model_dir, "best")
self.best_manager = tf.train.CheckpointManager(
checkpoint, directory=best_model_dir, max_to_keep=FLAGS.best_checkpoints)
# Keeps track of best model based on target classifier valid accuracy
best_target_model_dir = os.path.join(model_dir, "best_target")
self.best_target_manager = tf.train.CheckpointManager(
checkpoint, directory=best_target_model_dir,
# Restore best from file or if no file yet, set it to zero
self.best_validation = get_best_valid_accuracy(self.log_dir)
self.found = True
if self.best_validation is None:
self.found = False
self.best_validation = 0.0
# Best target
self.best_target_validation = get_best_target_valid_accuracy(self.log_dir)
if self.best_target_validation is None:
self.best_target_validation = 0.0
def restore_latest(self):
""" Restore the checkpoint from the latest one """
def restore_best(self, target=False):
""" Restore the checkpoint from the best one """
if target and
def latest_step(self):
""" Return the step number from the latest checkpoint. Returns None if
no checkpoints. """
return self._get_step_from_manager(self.latest_manager)
def best_step(self, target=False):
""" Return the step number from the best checkpoint. Returns None if
no checkpoints. """
if target and
return self._get_step_from_manager(self.best_target_manager)
return self._get_step_from_manager(self.best_manager)
def _get_step_from_manager(self, manager):
# If no checkpoints found
if len(manager.checkpoints) == 0:
return None
# If one is found, the last checkpoint will be a string like
# "models/target-foldX-model-debugnum/ckpt-100'
# and we want to step number at the end, e.g. 100 in this example
last = manager.checkpoints[-1] # sorted oldest to newest
name = os.path.basename(last)
step = get_last_int(name, only_one=True)
return step
def save(self, step, validation_accuracy=None, target_validation_accuracy=None):
""" Save the latest model. If validation_accuracy specified and higher
than the previous best, also save this model as the new best one. """
# Always save the latest
# Only save the "best" if it's better than the previous best
if validation_accuracy is not None:
if validation_accuracy > self.best_validation:
self.best_validation = validation_accuracy
write_best_valid_accuracy(self.log_dir, self.best_validation)
# Based on target classifier
if target_validation_accuracy is not None and
if target_validation_accuracy > self.best_target_validation:
self.best_target_validation = target_validation_accuracy
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