Make a quadcopter land on a frying pan
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Vision Landing

Use the model learned from the Detect Frying Pan code and now run that on live RPi Zero camera input. We want to get the drone to land on the frying pan.

Warning: this code is still in development and not fully functional.

Camera Calibration (maybe?)

Print checkerboard. Then on the Pi record images at 1 Hz holding the checkerboard (on some flat object like a clipboard) at varying positions in front of the camera.


Copy back all the files in calibration/ and delete the bad (e.g. blurry, out of frame, etc.) ones. You need at least maybe 10 good ones. Then generate the calibration file on any computer with Python's OpenCV (here using version 3.4.3):


If you get an assertion fail, then take more pictures or less or near the edges of your frame or ... (see this discussion).

Running Object Detection on RPi

I will assume you've aliased your RPi Zero to be "rpiz" in your .ssh/config file. First, copy your detect_quantized.tflite or whatever model you want to use to your Raspberry Pi.

sudo apt install python3-matplotlib python3-pil libxml2-dev libxslt-dev
sudo pip3 install tensorflow pymavlink flatbuffers
rsync -Pahuv ./ rpiz:vision-landing/

ssh rpiz
cd ./vision-landing
./ --live

Running Object Detection on another computer

Since the Zero is really slow, I'll stream to another computer to do processing for now. Though, at least one person has used the GPU on the RPi Zero to get ~8 fps on face detection. So, it is possible, though he hasn't shared his code. I will return to this problem later.

sudo apt install python3-zmq

On Pi:

cd ./vision-landing

On laptop (and outputting debug info, saving images to record/, displaying with GStreamer):

sudo pacman -S gst-python
cd ./vision-landing
./ --remote --host rpi-zero --debug --record=record --gst

Then map a switch on your R/C controller to channel 6. For low PPM value it'll do nothing, for higher it'll stream, and for even higher it'll shut down the Raspberry Pi (for exact values, see script).

Or, if you wish to always run on boot (running /home/pi/vision-landing/ as user pi and group dialout for access to /dev/ttyAMA0):

sudo cp stream.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl enable stream
sudo systemctl start stream