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Commits on Feb 8, 2008
  1. @ymendel
  2. @ymendel

    Added some non-date/time fields and specs to prove this doesn't screw…

    ymendel authored
    … up other model attributes. It's worth nothing that since it just passed midnight, all the specs are passing.
  3. @ymendel

    Added timestamp field and specs for same just in case there might hav…

    ymendel authored
    …e been a difference between that and datetime.
  4. @ymendel
  5. @ymendel

    Making natural-language datetime spec pass without making the other t…

    ymendel authored
    …hree datetime specs fail. WIN.
  6. @ymendel

    Added datetime field to schema (which I had to rename from schema.rb …

    ymendel authored
    …for some reason I don't quite understand right now, much like Chronic's behavior when parsing 'today'). Added specs for datetime field input.
  7. @ymendel

    Added license file and filled out readme. This may be premature, but …

    ymendel authored
    …I wanted a good place to record my Chronic.parse('today') adventures.
  8. @ymendel

    Filled out 'natural language string' spec, added comment of crazy WTF…

    ymendel authored
    … behavior I'm getting from Chronic.
  9. @ymendel
  10. @ymendel

    Removed dumb-ass .rb ending on the load schema line (this was a "help…

    ymendel authored
    …ful modification" on my part to what I stole from Object Daddy).
  11. @ymendel
  12. @ymendel
  13. @ymendel

    initial repository commit

    ymendel authored
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