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-Copyright (c) 2007 Flawed Logic, OG Consulting, Rick Bradley <>
+Copyright (c) 2007 Flawed Logic, OG Consulting, Rick Bradley, Yossef Mendelssohn
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
= Object Daddy
-<b>Version 0.0.1 (Nov 25, 2007)</b>
+<b>Version 0.2.2 (May 13, 2008)</b>
Author:: Rick Bradley (, Yossef Mendelssohn (
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2007, Flawed Logic, OG Consulting, Rick Bradley, Yossef Mendelssohn
@@ -9,20 +9,20 @@ Object Daddy is a library (as well as a Ruby on Rails plugin) designed to
assist in automating testing of large collections of objects, especially webs
of ActiveRecord models. It is a descendant of the "Object Mother" pattern for
creating objects for testing, and is related to the concept of an object
-Exemplar or "stereotype".
+exemplar or "stereotype".
WARNING: This code is very much at an "alpha" development stage. Usage, APIs,
etc., are all subject to change.
-TODO: put linkage into post about the history.
+See for inspiration, historical drama, and too much reading.
== Installation
-Unpack the object_daddy directory into vendor/rails/ in your rails project.
-Run the object_daddy/install.rb Ruby script. A definitive public revision
-control access point is forthcoming that will make it possible to install the
-plugin via script/plugin install, which will automatically run the
-installation hook.
+1. Unpack the object_daddy directory into vendor/rails/ in your rails project.
+2. Run the object_daddy/install.rb Ruby script.
+A. Or, as an alternative and assuming your script/plugin has git support,
+ script/plugin install git://
== Testing
@@ -203,6 +203,28 @@ class User < ActiveRecord::Base
generator_for :age => 25
+Required belongs_to associations are automatically generated when generating an instance,
+but only if necessary.
+class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
+ has_many :items
+class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
+ belongs_to :category
+ validates_presence_of :category
+Item.generate will generate a new category, but some_category.items.generate will not.
+Unless, of course, you are foolish enough to define a generator in the exemplar.
+class Item
+ generator_for(:category) { Category.generate }
+Once again, don't do that.
=== Rails 'surprises'
Due to the way Rails handles associations, cascading generations (as a result of

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