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A simple general-purpose Maya exporter
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GP-Export (General Purpose-Export).

A simple Maya-exporter (for use under Linux and Windows). GP-Export's goal is to
provide a comprehensive base for other exporters. In other words: This
is the exporter I would have liked to have when I started writing
my first exporter.

The provided MS3D-export is a small example, showing how to use
this framework for creating customized exporters. I actually
never really used the MS3D-exporter myself (I just ran "irrlicht"[1]
over it, to verify, if the exporter works correctly. But that's it).

The exporter itself is not complete, but is nevertheless quite usable
for most projects. Its code is now hosted in a public repository[2]. So
feel free to contribute and improve the exporter.

It is licensed under the (fairly permissive) MIT license (see the
LICENSE file).

Gpexport is currently unmaintained.

// florian loitsch
// modified by yaoyansi


last changed: 2010 04 16
update 2015 04 20: unmaintained.
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