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control voltage controlled (software-)oscillator for the raspberry pi (eurorack / a100 / doepfer)
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This program is (C) 2019 by
Released under AGPL v3.0.

It requires libncursesw5-dev, libasound2-dev and libsndfile1-dev.

This program requires access to the I2C bus of your raspberry pi. Usually this can be accomplished by running it through `sudo'.

It has a couple of command-line parameters. Run `cvos -h' to get a list of them and their meanings.

When the program runs, you can press b to switch on boost, q to exit.

Furthermore, select a parameter to work on by pressing either a for amplitude, o for offset, c for clipping, p for tuning of the input frequency, f for the low-pass filter (set to 0 to disable) and F for the high-pass filter (again 0 to disable).
After selecting a parameter, you can increase/decrease their values with the following keys:
( 0.1Hz lower, ) 0.1Hz higher
- 1Hz lower, + 1 Hz higher
[ and ] for 10Hz steps
{ and } for 100Hz steps
and < and > for kHz steps.

Press 'm1' + enter to select a sinus-curve, m2 for a saw tooth etc.
m8 is a special case: you can select a wav-file to be modulated with the `-l' command-line switch. If you then enter m8, then the sample will be modulated by the control voltage.
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