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Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distributing cryptographically secure random numbers (entropy data) from one or more servers to one or more clients.
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Latest commit ff8ba67 @flok99 clean-ups / license change
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ComScire_R2000KU added support for ComScire_R2000KU
doc/man man page update by Thorsten Alteholz <>
java java bindings
redhat added svn $Revision$ to redhat startup scripts
web missing files
Makefile clean-ups / license change
README malloc => calloc meta
auth.cpp cleaning
auth.h cleaning
auth.txt 3des: handle weak passwords correctly $Id$ -> $Revision$
client_egd.cpp clean-ups / license change
client_file.cpp clean-ups / license change
client_linux_kernel.cpp cleaning
config.cpp cleaning
config.h cleaning
configure enhancements by Håvard Moen <>
data_logger.cpp compilation fixes
data_logger.h web interface: show duration of measure interval
data_store_int.cpp first step in rate limiting
data_store_int.h disk pool-file bit count
defines.h web interface: show duration of measure interval
design.txt clean-ups / license change cleaning
eb.spec clean-ups / license change
encrypt_stream.cpp cleaning
encrypt_stream.h cleaning
encrypt_stream_3des.cpp clean-ups / license change
encrypt_stream_3des.h cleaning
encrypt_stream_aes.cpp clean-ups / license change
encrypt_stream_aes.h cleaning
encrypt_stream_blowfish.cpp cleaning
encrypt_stream_blowfish.h cleaning
encrypt_stream_camellia.cpp clean-ups / license change
encrypt_stream_camellia.h cleaning
entropy_broker.conf clean-ups / license change
entropybroker_infrastructure.svg added archive / updated Changes
error.cpp cleaning
error.h cleaning
fips140.cpp cleaning
fips140.h cleaning
graph.cpp clean-ups / license change
graph.h value fixes
handle_client.cpp clean-ups / license change
handle_client.h cleaning
hasher.cpp cleaning
hasher.h cleaning
hasher_md5.cpp cleaning
hasher_md5.h cleaning
hasher_ripemd160.cpp cleaning
hasher_ripemd160.h cleaning
hasher_sha512.cpp cleaning
hasher_sha512.h cleaning
hasher_type.h cleaning
hasher_whirlpool.cpp cleaning
hasher_whirlpool.h cleaning
hc_protocol.cpp clean-ups / license change
hc_protocol.h cleaning cleaning
http_bundle.cpp coverity warning fixes
http_bundle.h pimped web-interface
http_file.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file.h client_t statistics -> user_t (5)
http_file_404.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_404.h webserver: files from disk
http_file_file.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_file.h working on webserver
http_file_graph_data_logger.cpp clean-ups / license change
http_file_graph_data_logger.h font configurable from config.-file
http_file_logfile.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_logfile.h client_t statistics -> user_t (5)
http_file_root.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_root.h working on webserver
http_file_stats.cpp per username statistics (2)
http_file_stats.h client_t statistics -> user_t (5)
http_file_users.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_users.h per username statistics (2)
http_file_version.cpp track last msg per user/global
http_file_version.h working on webserver
http_request_t.h work started on webserver (9)
http_server.cpp cleaning
http_server.h retrieve url from headers
interfacing.txt clean-ups / license change
kernel_prng_io.cpp cleaning
kernel_prng_io.h cleaning
kernel_prng_rw.cpp cleaning
kernel_prng_rw.h cleaning
license.txt clean-ups / license change
log.cpp clean-ups / license change
log.h cleaning
main.cpp cleaning
math.cpp clean-ups / license change
math.h clean-ups / license change
my_pty.cpp cleaning
my_pty.h cleaning
network_protocol.txt clean-ups / license change
plot.cpp cleaning
pool.cpp clean-ups / license change
pool.h cleaning
pool_crypto.cpp cleaning
pool_crypto.h cleaning
pools.cpp clean-ups / license change
pools.h cleaning
protocol.cpp clean-ups / license change
protocol.h cleaning
proxy_knuth_b.cpp clean-ups / license change
proxy_knuth_m.cpp clean-ups / license change
random_source.cpp clean-ups / license change
random_source.h clean-ups / license change
readme.txt cleaning
scc.cpp cleaning
scc.h cleaning
server_Araneus_Alea.cpp cleaning
server_ComScire_R2000KU.cpp cleaning
server_audio.cpp clean-ups / license change
server_cycle_count.cpp cleaning
server_egd.cpp clean-ups / license change
server_ext_proc.cpp clean-ups / license change
server_linux_kernel.cpp cleaning
server_push_file.cpp cleaning
server_qwqng.cpp cleaning
server_smartcard.cpp clean-ups / license change
server_stream.cpp cleaning
server_timers.cpp cleaning
server_usb.cpp cleaning
server_utils.cpp cleaning
server_utils.h cleaning
server_v4l.cpp clean-ups / license change
signals.cpp cleaning
signals.h cleaning
statistics.cpp cleaning
statistics.h cleaning
statistics_global.cpp cleaning
statistics_global.h cleaning
statistics_log.cpp cleaning
statistics_log.h more elaborate logging in web-interface
statistics_user.cpp cleaning
statistics_user.h cleaning
stirrer.cpp cleaning
stirrer.h cleaning
stirrer_3des.cpp cleaning
stirrer_3des.h cleaning
stirrer_aes.cpp cleaning
stirrer_aes.h cleaning
stirrer_blowfish.cpp cleaning
stirrer_blowfish.h cleaning
stirrer_camellia.cpp cleaning
stirrer_camellia.h cleaning
stirrer_type.h cleaning
test_TFO.cpp cleaning
test_asound2.cpp cleaning
test_cryptopp.cpp cleaning
test_gcc.cpp cleaning
test_libftdi.cpp cleaning
test_libgd2.cpp cleaning
test_libpng.cpp cleaning
test_libqwqng.cpp missing files
test_libusb.cpp cleaning
test_pcsclite.cpp cleaning
test_zlib.cpp cleaning
todo clean-ups / license change
users.cpp clean-ups / license change
users.h cleaning
users.txt first step in rate limiting
utils.cpp cleaning
utils.h clean-ups / license change cleaning
version clean-ups / license change
web_server.cpp track last msg per user/global
web_server.h client_t statistics -> user_t (5)


Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distributing cryptographically secure random numbers (entropy data) from one or more servers to one or more clients.

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