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Tip-bot for Telegram.
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Telegram iDealCash Tipbot -

Forked from Telegram Reddcoin Tipbot.


  • apt-get install python3

  • apt-get install python3-pip

  • pip3 install beautifulsoup4

  • pip3 install python-telegram-bot --upgrade

  • In order to run the tip-bot effectively, a Bitcoin-core based client is needed. For this idealcashd is used


  • Install the deps
  • Install idealcashd to /usr/bin/idealcashd
  • Run and exit program

NOTE if not using idealcashd compiled from the experimental branch of the github, you will have to provide the idealcash.conf file and place it manually in the ~/.idealcash/ directory.

  • edit the idealcash.conf file located at ~/.idealcash/idealcash.conf to contain the following:

  • staking=0

  • enableaccounts=1

Staking cannot be enabled while running for the tipbot.

  • Run idealcashd and let it start syncing

  • Setup a bot with the user @BotFather through PM on Telegram, after going through a setup you will be given a bot token. Edit the file and replace the parameter 'BOT_TOKEN' with the one you just recieved.

  • Run the script python3

  • Initiate the bot by inviting it to a chat or via PM, some commands are /balance , /price , /help and to find out the format related to tip others and withdrawal of funds use /commands.

Setting up the bot as so still leaves the wallet unencrypted, so please go to extra measures to provide extra security. Make sure to have SSH encryption on whatever device/droplet you run it on.

  • Please fork the code, happy tipping!
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