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Flood Challenge

Flood Challenge example

How to use

Using element

Clone this repo locally, and execute element CLI to run the example on your local machine:

npx @flood/element-cli run ./element/flood-challenge/example.ts --no-headless

Using Flood

Upload example.ts to an existing Stream on Flood, or run it directly on Flood

The idea behind the example

This example simulates completing the Flood load testing challenge. We originally designed this challenge site as a way for performance testers to prove their skills by completing it using a Protocol Level load test tool, such as JMeter or Gatling. It contains complex network behaviour which requires a non-trivial amount of work to simulate at the network layer.

Using Flood Element, the whole challenge can be completed very quickly and without much complexity beyond waiting for pages to load and parsing some of the data on the screen in order to complete the next screen.

Flood Element uses TypeScript under the hood, which makes it very easy to extract and trasform values before using them in another UI action.