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AWS API Gateway + Kotlin-based AWS Lambda Proxy


This is a proof of concept project that shows a Kotlin-based Lambda function that is invoked via API Gateway. We are using a Proxy Resource on API Gateway that sends any HTTP request to the Kotlin-based Lambda function. The Kotlin Lambda functions uses POJO Request Handlers to automatically serialize/deserialize Kotlin data classes from/to JSON.


  1. Checkout this repo git clone git@github.com:floodfx/aws-lambda-kotlin-poc.git
  2. Install Gradle
  3. Build the project ./gradlew build


Note: the deploy scrips utilize the AWS Command Line Interface Tools installed and configured with a default profile. Also, we default to the US-West-2 AWS Region.

Create AWS Resouces

There are two steps for deploying the project. The first step is creating the AWS resources using the create.sh script. To create the AWS resources run:

  • chmod +x deploy/app/*.sh(Make the Deploy scripts executable)
  • chmod +x scripts/*.sh (Make the AWS scripts executable)

Now you can run:

./deploy/app/create.sh YOUR_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID

This will do the following:

  1. Create a IAM Role named kotlin-lambda-poc-dev in your AWS Account that has the AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole pre-built Policy attached.
  2. Create a Lambda Function named kotlin-lambda-poc-dev using the zip file you built above
  3. Create a Lambda Alias named dev that points at version 1 of the Lambda function
  4. Create a API Gateway API named kotlin-lambda-poc-dev
  5. Create an API Gateway API Stage named dev
  6. Create a Lambda Permission to allow API Gateway to Invoke your Lambda Function

Update AWS Resources

Once you've created the resources, you can change the code and deploy those changes to the existing resources. Basically, you just upload a new zip and change the alias of the Lambda function like so:


This will do the following:

  1. Rebuild your project (it runs ./gradlew build for you)
  2. Deploys a new Lambda Function

You haven't replaced the existing version yet which is alias at the dev label. To do so you run:

./scrips/update-lambda-alias.sh kotlin-lambda-poc 2

Note: The 2 here is the latest version. So more generally you'd run:

./scrips/update-lambda-alias.sh kotlin-lambda-poc VERSION

Making Requests to the Kotlin Lambda Function via API Gateway

You should determine your API Gateway API domain by logging into the console or figuring our your API ID.

aws apigateway get-rest-apis --query 'items[?name==`kotlin-lambda-poc-dev`]'

Which should return something like:

        "createdDate": 1495990917, 
        "id": "abc1234567", 
        "version": "dev", 
        "name": "kotlin-lambda-poc-dev"

Then you can test the request at using your ID. The domain is in the format of:


So your domain would be something like:



Would love any thoughts, feedback, pull-requests, or other comments. Thanks!