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Search Guard 2 and 5 are End of Life (EOL)

Search Guard 2 and 5 are End of Life (EOL) and will no longer receive new features, bugfixes or security updates. Please update to Elasticsearch 6.7 or above.

This page is outdated. Please refer to the Search Guard Documentation


Important notes:

  • Version 5.3-8 (for Elasticsearch 5.6.x and SG >= 17) has a performance regression bug. Please upgrade to 5.3-10 or to 5.3-6b for SG <= 16
  • To make DLS/FLS fully work: You need to upgrade to Search Guard Version 11 or higher !!


  • Copy the .jar file into the plugins/search-guard-2/ or plugins/search-guard-5/ on all nodes
  • Restart all nodes
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