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Quite hard to use for development #1

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Good plugin, however resources need to be pre-configured before server startup. Unless files are already there, each time i create a new file, i have to restart the server. With the speed grails starts with, i can hardly see how this can be of any benefit for development. I've been using ember-skeleton so far and it's been great, i can't use it anymore because i decided to use grails as a backend.

Or i just took things wrong and i missing something.


Thanks very much for your feedback.
I'm also having problems with resource reloading sometimes, can you tell which version of the resource plugin you are using?


I didn't install a specific version of the plugin, i'm using the one that come by default with grails 2.1.1


When I need a full reload of the resources, I touch the "ApplicationResources.groovy", It does the trick when you add a template.
Maybe I could scan the template directory(ies) and trigger a full reload of the resources when a file is added/removed/renamed to solve the problem. I'm not sure how to do the 'trigger a full reload' part since my understanding of the resource plugin is quite limited. I'll investigate on that when I'll have some time.

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